This Girl Is The First Stage Six Clinger In Human History (Photos)

by Connor Toole

Exchanging phone numbers and texting for the first time is a key part of any developing relationship, and while you might think you've screwed up in your past, chances are you haven't done anything as crazy as what you're about to witness.

This exchange, originally posted on Imgur, is presented as a conversation between two college students at an unnamed school. It's not entirely clear how the two started talking in the first place, but hopefully the guy realizes that nobody uses Tinder to "find friends."

He probably also thinks that waitresses find him genuinely enjoyable and that strippers enjoy his company (not that he'd ever go to a strip club due to the whole "girlfriend" thing).

I should mention that I don't know this guy (and I definitely don't know this girl), so I can't vouch for the veracity of the conversation. But even if someone went through the trouble of making everything up, it's still quite a wild ride.

Things start off fairly innocently

Almost every single one of those shows is a red flag

In her defense, this is absolutely textbook flirtation

You can tell she's good at respecting boundaries People just stopped being polite and started getting real You're doing it wrong She certainly moves quickly This is why I don't give my number out to people I've never met TIP: Things are going poorly if your conversation involves the number for  a suicide hotline I wouldn't want the conversation to end any other way

H/T: BroBible, Photos Courtesy: Imgur