Girl Creates A Beyoncé Test Her Boyfriend Has To Pass To Stay With Her (Photos)


To say Allie Davis is a Beyoncé fan would be a serious understatement.

The 21-year-old, known as @Fergyonce on Twitter, is absolutely drunk in love with the former Destiny's Child member — even more so, perhaps, than she is with her own boyfriend.

Over the weekend, the fangirl took to Twitter to share a picture of a test she made for her boyfriend: The Allie Davis Relationship Test.

Though Allie and her boyfriend have been together for over two years, she needed to make sure he could pass a Beyoncé-themed test. If he didn't get at least a 60 percent, she told him, they couldn't be together anymore.

Questions on the love exam included “Name three Beyoncé songs” and “Briefly explain the Solange Knowles elevator incident.”

There were a few non-Bey questions, as well -- on topics such as One Direction and Rihanna -- which tested the boyfriend's general knowledge of pop culture.

The dedicated boyfriend must have done his homework because he passed with flying colors (a feat he was “relieved” to have accomplished).

Sounds like Allie has really found the Jay to her Bey.

This is Allie.

This is her Beyoncé test.

Can't stop, won't stop.

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