'Game Of Thrones' Parody Of Bikini Season Struggles Is Too On Point (Video)

by Madeline Concannon

I think all women can agree the wide acceptance of the dad bod is completely unfair.

Guys can have hairy man boobs, but women have to shave every inch of their toned bodies?

Something just doesn’t add up.

In fact, Liza Renzulli and Kimmy Foskett agree with that notion.

The two writers uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, CHIX Productions, called “Shame of Thrones.” It's a "Game of Thrones" parody about the dad bod double standard.

And the struggle depicted in this video is borderline too real.

The countdown is almost over for being bikini ready, and realistically, the time has come for ladies to shave their legs more than once a week.

The race for "hotness" is in full swing.