Greatest Friends Ever Throw Amazing 'Rambo'-Themed Bachelor Party (Video)

Planning a typical bachelor party is normally pretty straightforward.

There's probably going to be a lot of drinking while partaking in an activity associated with manliness and potentially paying money to see a strange woman get naked at some point in the night.

However, when a group of friends got together to plan a party for a fellow filmmaker, they realized there was only one way they could properly bid adieu to the groom's bachelorhood: recreating the first "Rambo" with their buddy as the titular action hero.

The guys spent an incredible amount of time and effort recreating chases, firefights and the masterful display of archery that made "First Blood" an indisputable cinematic masterpiece.

As someone who grew up in the town where this was filmed, I can say with certainty that it might be the most exciting thing ever to happen there.

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