Flower Girl Tells Her Dad All About Weddings And It's So Freakin' Cute (Video)

JoJo Lomelino is back with more vital freaking information for her dumb dad who doesn't understand anything about anything.

On this episode of a series that should be titled “Jesus, Dad, You Really Don't Get It And I Really Don't Have Time For Your Ignorance,” JoJo helps her dad understand proper wedding etiquette.

The 4-year-old guides Mr. Lomelino with issues like yelling unexpectedly during the ceremony, knowing what weddings look like, vague stuff involving flowers and other elements of a romantic ceremony dads tend to screw the heck up 100 percent of the damn time.

If I ever meet Harry Styles and find my bliss, JoJo is welcome at our wedding to keep my dad from acting a fool.

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