Best Son Ever Tries Getting His Dad Laid As A Father's Day Present (Video)

If the Father of the Year Award exists, then there should also be a Son of the Year Award because Scott Rogowsky would absolutely win that category.

The New York City-based comedian tried to give his dad the ultimate Father’s Day present: sex.

Wait, no, not like that.

He didn’t try and give his dad intercourse; he tried to get other ladies to give his dad intercourse. OK, that sounds better… kinda.

Long story short, if you didn’t attempt to get your dad laid on Father’s Day, then you didn’t give your dad what he really wanted.

Granted, Rogowsky didn’t find his dad any ladies interested in scoring a night with a dad bod, but at least he tried.

What did you do for your dad? A baseball game and a nice tie?

You’re a terrible child.