This Birthday Panda Ignored Her Birthday Cake Like A Diva


When I think about the most notorious divas in the world, only a handful of names come to mind: Mariah Carey, Christian Bale and, of course, Liang Liang, the 10-year-old panda.

Liang Liang the panda turned 10 years old on Tuesday, and she wants you to notice very badly.

News flash: It's all about Liang Liang, 24/7.

This super famous panda resides in Malaysia's National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur. She actually had a joint birthday with her 1-year-old cub, Nuan Nuan, who was was born on August 18, 2015.

But take a seat, Nuan Nuan, because it's really just mom's big day. Call me when you're over the age of 5 and a single mom, OK?!

It's like that age-old Malaysian saying: "If the cameras ain't clickin' for Liang Liang, her temper's a-tickin'."

OK, so that's not actually a saying at all. But when it was time to present Liang Liang with her lavish birthday cake, the panda mother basically responded with an "ew".

Watch the video above, and just try to tell me Liang Liang isn't acting like a complete fucking prima donna.

Liang Liang just sort of looks at the cake and stares at it blankly, as if to say, "This? This is what you get me for my effing birthday? I AM A QUEEN."

Since pandas are the symbol of China and Malaysia's diplomatic ties, the zoo worked very hard to commemorate the occasion. But as seen by Liang Liang's response, I guess they should have worked harder.

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