This 'Family Feud' Contestant Has The Worst Answers Ever And It's Hilarious

by Taylor Ortega

If there is one universal truth that cannot be disputed, it is this: Sheila does not care about points.

The “Family Feud” contestant was asked by show host Steve Harvey to provide “another way people say mother.”

After two other women from the Patterson family answered "Nanny" and "Nana" to no avail, it was up to Sheila to save the day and get a few points on the board.

I am not spoiling anything when I say she did NOT deliver.

Still, there's something about Sheila that says,

Ugh, whatever. I know more words, but I only like these. Let's just move on.

Even when the host gently rips Sheila a new one, you won't pity her. She's entirely aware of the situation but seemingly prolongs it out of boredom and an interest in long-winded Steve Harvey bits.

Some days, we're all Sheila Patterson.

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