This Harvard Rejection Letter Might Not Be Real But It's Hilarious (Photo)

Having GPA and SAT scores that make other people feel terrible about themselves is a necessary requirement for getting into Harvard, but you also need to prove you were able to participate in a steady stream of extracurriculars if you want to boost your chances of acceptance.

Based on the stereotypes, which I have no problem perpetuating, most of those activities include playing an instrument with an exotic name or playing an Olympic sport nobody really cares about.

They do not typically include dropping a [insert multiple flame emoji here] mixtape or making dank memes because Harvard simply refuses to get with the times.

As much as I'd love to tell you that someone actually received this rejection letter after filling a college essay with everything the Internet loves, you don't have to be a Harvard student to figure out this might not be 100 percent authentic.

I like to believe at least a couple of people take the time to submit joke applications to Harvard every year, but I'm also pretty sure the school takes itself far too seriously to actually entertain a response.

If common sense isn't enough to convince you, then you might want to note the watermark for a humor magazine at a high school in Chicago (and this post in particular), which I'm assuming doesn't appear on official Harvard letterhead.

Thanks to everyone who thought this was real for making me hate the Internet just a little bit more.