Everything You Need To Know About IceJJFish, The Voice Of A Generation

by Connor Toole

"Chinese Democracy." "Detox." Over the course of modern music, there have been a number of widely anticipated albums, but I can't imagine that anyone has ever felt the anticipation that I feel for the upcoming release of "Miracle," the first real offering from musical sensation IceJJFish.

If you don't know who IceJJFish is, I'm both disappointed and envious. When I say I've never heard anything like it, I mean it.

I could try and outline his brilliance in print, but nothing I can say can adequately prepare you for his voice. To call it "unique" is putting it mildly.

IceJJFish is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an awkward body with terrible vocal chords. If you want to take him at face value, it's an innocent joke good for a quick laugh.

If you wanted to do a high school English-level deep-reading, you might even say that his name is almost a call for help, with his wailing giving listeners added incentive to put the tortured artist out of his misery.

Either way, IceJJFish is not someone you want to sleep on. Here's a primer for fully understanding this R&B sensation.

JJ Ice Fish's first song is "Higher Than An Airplane," which was recorded when he went by the name "DMoney" (and possessed functioning vocal chords). The description reads: "This go ham"

After rebranding himself, he returned to the scene with a cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." I'll let you decide who did it better

In January, IceJJFish dropped his first official music video, "No Topping You." It was pretty bad, but it was nothing compared to what was about to happen...

In February, IceJJFish released "On the Floor," which quickly went viral on the way to amassing over 25 million views

This is due in part to killer dance moves like "The Confused Boxer"...

"The Defective Robocop"...

And "The Natural Birth"

Fun fact: The video was mostly filmed on a bridge in San Antonio.

It would also be irresponsible to ignore the work of professional hot person Karen Vi, who helped make the video what it is.

Who added some dance moves of her own (this one is called "The Irreparably Damaged Marionette").

Here's a clip of Karen reading comments from the video because you know you're a little bit curious.

Less than a month after the video's release, IceJJFish showed up on "Tosh.0" to do whatever it is you want to call this

It's only natural that Odd Future asked IceJJFish to do the vocals for a song on"Loiter Squad," their show on Adult Swim

Don't step to IceJJFish. He will bust a cap in your ass (once he figures out how guns work)

He also recently tried his hand at rapping with "Gettin' Money"

This is the only part of the video you need to see

It's been said that IceJJFish sounds like a lot of things. For example: a drowning, castrated duck...

The high-pitched notes of a dial-up Internet connection...

A drunk Julie Andrews trying to yodel

Did I mention he's full of deep thoughts? Jaden Smith better watch out

Wats the point of wearing workout clothes if u aint gone work out — Daniel Mcloyd (@IceJJFish) July 13, 2014
Chilling at the dennys in aurora — Daniel Mcloyd (@IceJJFish) June 26, 2014
My voice be turning gay girls straight — Daniel Mcloyd (@IceJJFish) April 15, 2014
jus came from walmart fans show me love everywhere i step — Daniel Mcloyd (@IceJJFish) March 20, 2014

He could also probably beat Shaq

July 30 can't come soon enough