13 Drunk People Who Left Their Sober Selves A Surprise For The Morning

by Connor Toole

After I graduated from college, I decided to make a conscious effort to figure out how to drink alcohol without inevitably blacking out and waking up in a frenzied daze the next morning while trying to remember what decisions I'd made to make my body hurt as much as it did.

Through trial and error, I was eventually able to reach a point where I could actually go to a bar on a Saturday night and not have to worry about walking into the same place the following weekend to learn my presence was no longer welcome based on something I'd done the previous one.

While I definitely don't miss waking up on a Sunday morning and stepping into a puddle of an unidentifiable liquid that mysteriously appeared on my bedroom floor, one of the downsides of drinking in moderation is the notable decline in nice surprises Drunk Me occasionally left for Sober Me to find the next day.

You might not always drink responsibly, but that doesn't mean you can't try to be somewhat responsible after the fact -- like these drunk people who left their sober selves a treat for the morning after.

You should really hydrate the night before if you want to prevent a hangover, but this is still a nice gesture.

If I actually did all the things Drunk Me planned to do the next day, I'd be the most successful person in the world.

Breakfast of champions.

At least this is (technically) edible.

Pizza drawers>>>>>>sock drawers.

There are definitely worse half-eaten things that could end up in your fridge.

[Insert your favorite joke about cold feet here.]

This is a great strategy until Drunk You wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to use the bathroom.

At least Drunk Don left a note.

Drunk food cravings are the closest any man will get to understanding what it's like to be pregnant.

He might have left this for his roommates, but I'm guessing he'll be surprised to read it when (or if) he comes back from work.

It takes a truly selfless drunk person to save Cheetos dust for his or her sober self.

I'm guessing that last word is "together." Sage advice.