Drone Tries To Capture Beautiful Wedding Moment And Epically Fails (Video)

You should probably have a pilot's license to operate these things.

I’m actually a little happy the drone hit a tree. Wedding “shtick” has gone wayyyyy too far.

A few weeks ago, I was at a wedding where a child a cappella band walked down the aisle singing a Jewish marriage song.

This was a wedding, not that awkward funeral scene in that terrible Beatles movie with Evan Rachel Wood.

Let’s all calm down a bit with these over-the-top nuptials.

Wedding planners take advantage of brides-to-be at their most emotionally vulnerable moments.

They turn a woman's hope of having her wedding day be the visual equivalent of a Nicholas Sparks novel into crazy amounts of cash.

Weddings planners probably say things like,

Why send a wedding card when you can send a silver encrusted save the date rose?

Why? Because that’s too effing much, and you aren’t Kate Middleton. That’s why.

Rant over. Regardless of how you feel about weddings, this video is still pretty funny.