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The #AskTrump Twitter Event Exposed The Burning Questions Of Our Time

It isn't clear who actually made the decision to start the Twitter hashtag #AskTrump early Monday afternoon. What is clear, however, is that people will never waste an opportunity to troll Donald Trump.

When the Republican presidential candidate took to social media to confront real issues from real people, he was met with some of the burning questions of our time.

Does more money really mean more problems? Does he realize he looks like a potato? Does he dislike Mexicans because of their lush, beautiful, natural hair?

When the hashtag was over, the results were clear: Twitter - 1, Donald Trump - 0.

Some people just shouldn't take on the Internet... it never ends well.

Can he handle the hairy situations?

Is a Canadian capable of murder?

Are there more suitable hair alternatives?

Can a toy really experience self-awareness?

Is he related to a potato?

Is his Slovenian wife safe?

What is the proper way to address him?

Do Twitter Q&As ever end well?

Does he secretly plot the demise of James Bond?

Does he think all hair transplants should be affordable?

Does he really believe in stranger danger?

Has he ever met Jaden Smith?

Will there be hovercars?

Are all of his insecurities rooted in his hair?

Does he know not to f*ck with Nicki?

Does mo' money really mean mo' problems?

Does he appreciate a good pun?