Two Donald Trump Impersonators Made Out With Each Other In NYC


Right now, I'd say the only person who probably wants to make out with Donald Trump... is Donald Trump, especially after his "grab them by the pussy" remarks.

On Wednesday morning, two Donald Trump impersonators decked out in masks, suits and spot-on wigs hit up Union Square Park in New York City.

Why? So, they could lock their pursed lips on each other in an epic mouth-hole-on-mouth-hole session.

I already knew NYC was the city that never sleeps, but now it really will never sleep because this imagery is downright horrifying.

Oh, and the two Trumps also spanked each other a lot, so sorry deviantART user TrumpXXX6969, but looks like your fanfic just played out IRL.

This looks like it came straight out of "American Horror Story: Election," doesn't it?

The PDA was part of the “I'm With Her Because He's Crazy” initiative started by Timothy Good and Jessica Walsh.

Timothy told Huffington Post,

Trump doesn't love America, he loves himself. So with that idea we wanted to get two Trump lookalikes to go on the streets and do this kissing performance.

The two of them are with Hillary because, in their own words, Trump is “crazy. And racist. And xenophobic. And misogynistic. And homophobic.”

And if I were to take a wild guess, I'd say he'll also be "a loser" come November 9.

According to the mission statement of “I'm With Her Because He's Crazy,” Hillary might not be your first choice, but right now she's your only choice:

You may not love every thing about Hillary, but we're all in trouble if we don't vote for her. Please register to vote!

Earlier this year, Timothy and Jessica created a kindness "wall" around Trump Tower in New York City.

Remember to go out and vote on November 8, not November 28 as Donald Trump would have you believe.

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