Dirty-Minded 'Graphic Designer' Pranks Restaurant Owner In Hilarious Series Of Texts (Photos)

by Connor Toole

I'm pretty sure that we've featured basically every single conversation that Textastrophe has ever uploaded, and it's because they almost never fail to entertain. I can't confirm their authenticity, but I can fully endorse the content. Their newest prank is no exception.

This time the victim in an unknowing business who went to Craigslist in the hopes of finding someone capable of designing a logo and menu for their Italian restaurant. The prankster offers to send them a couple of samples of past work, but the running theme raises a red flag (which is not meant to be a euphemism).

Here's the full exchange.

The original ad. They were so innocent.

I'm guessing each "tomato" is supposed to be pronounced differently. Cute.

I don't see what they're seeing

OK, maybe they have a point

I can't figure out whose mind is in the gutter

I personally think that's a great logo with no innuendo at all

via Textastrophe