Damn, Your Breath Stanks! 12 Creative Ways To Deal With A Friend Who Has Bad Breath

Everyone has at least one close friend who chronically has bad breath. Every time you're with him or her, your nostrils practically explode from the pungent odor entering your nose. You can't help but wonder, does this guy actually eat dog sh*t?

Of course, these friends are always the closest talkers, constantly telling you secrets, and saying phrases like "hhhhhhooww are you?" "whaaaattss up" and "smell my breaaathh."

All kidding aside, these people usually have no idea they suffer from this grotesque condition, and it's important for you as their friend to let them know what's up. But how do you do it?

Telling close friends or family members that their breath stanks is one of the toughest things a person has to do. You want to be honest but you so don't want to be too offensive. You care about your friends feelings, but the chronic issue has become so bad it's jeopardizing your relationship and possibly even your health.

The issue is, sometimes these people don't even want to chew gum. It's like they're in denial or something. Just offering them a gum or breath mint won't suffice. You gotta get creative! Here are 12 creative ways to deal with a friend who has bad breath:

Ask them if they can catch tic tacs in their mouth.

Keep throwing them!

Every time they open their mouth to speak, spray binaca in it.

Challenge them to see who can swish mouthwash longer without spitting it out.

Let them win!

Ask them if they know how to blow bubbles with a piece of gum.

Always order them a mojito whenever you go out.

Pay for it if you have to!

Describe how good your gum is so they ask for a piece

Ask them to smell your breath and tell you how it is, hoping they will also ask you.

Talk about someone else who has terrible breath so they might feel self conscious about their own.

Tell them you have a new, cool technique to brush your teeth.

Legit spit your gum into their mouth

Tell them straight up their breath smells like ass.

Get new friends.

Ultimately you have to do you.