Dad's Hilarious Pic Shows How He Really Feels About Back To School Season

The first day at school is a big occasion in most people's lives.

And it was no different for one dad, as he posted a picture of himself clinging to his little's son's foot as the boy reaches for the doorknob.

The adorable little kid is dressed in his school uniform and sports a superhero backpack in the pic.

The little guy looks ready to take on the world, but his father isn't quite there yet.

The photo was posted by British Reddit user AidanAsh15 with the caption,

The photo inspired different reactions. Some were sympathetic.

BeNiceBeZenBeClever said,

NoSleepTillBrooklyn commented,

Other parents were less so.

ShamrockFury said,

Mollydooka pointed out you get used to it, saying,

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