This Is What It Would Be Like If Crossfitters Took A Yoga Class (Video)

CrossFit and yoga might both be disturbingly cult-y exercise trends, but that's really one of the only things they have in common.

Yoga relies on body weight and deliberate stretching while CrossFit focuses on lifting as much weight as you possibly can while devoting little to no attention to form.

Yoga promotes a calm environment while CrossFit requires you to maintain an average noise level of 50 decibels over the duration of your workout by either grunting, yelling or dropping weights.

Yoga is also the only regimen that doctors actually recommend.

Just like a yogi would feel out of place doing box jumps and kettlebell routines, dropping the stereotypical CrossFitter into a tranquil studio setting would probably cause a bit of tension.

Thankfully, we have College Humor to show us what it would look like.