This Couple Used Handcuffs In The Bedroom, And It Went Horribly Wrong

Handcuffs: a way to keep criminals at bay in the back of a squad car, for some, and, for others, a weird tool for getting your partner SUPER off, which terrifies and confuses me.

Entire industries and genres of adult cinema are based around the premise that deep down inside we all want to be consensually strapped to a wall/bedpost/Poland Spring water cooler while someone else does sex stuff to or around us.

I assume this idea singlehandedly paid for E.L. James' and Dakota Johnson's houses -- both of which I can imagine are mind-blowingly massive.

It isn't all fun and dirty games, though, as one Reddit user pointed out in a story blowing up on the Web today of young, very dumb love.

All things considered, the story started off pretty tame.

Then, things got SUPER worse.

This has to be the most unlucky sexually-active couple in the world.

There was a happy ending, though.

In case you're wondering, everyone was fine. The girlfriend was in good spirits, and the boyfriend even posted a picture of the handcuffs as proof!


Maybe don't bring police-grade criminal submission tools into the bedroom next time?

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