Comedian Really Wants To Get In The Ring And Fight Floyd Mayweather

This could actually kill Brandon "Scott" Wolf.

For most people, stepping into a boxing ring to go a few rounds with Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. may seem like complete insanity and borderline suicidal behavior, but that's exactly what comedian and guy-who's-never-boxed-or-really-even-fought-before Wolf wants to do.

He wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, and he even set up to show how committed he is to throwing down with the boxing superstar. The #1 Online Fighting Site For Brandon "Scott" WolfPhoto by Martin Mendizabal Posted by Brandon Scott Wolf on Thursday, September 10, 2015

If you're confused as to why he would subject himself to such abuse, you can learn more about his motives in this fight documentary he made about himself.

Brandon Scott Wolf on YouTube

When asked why he wanted to fight Mayweather, Wolf told Elite Daily,

I want my Wikipedia page to say 'Brandon Scott Wolf is an American stand-up comedian, writer and professional boxer.'

He also said,

Even though everyone wanted to see Mayweather versus Pacquiao, Mayweather refused to fight him for years. I just hope he doesn't pull that with me. If Ronda Rousey and The Rock agree to train me, I think I could get in good enough shape to take more than one punch.

Wolf pointed out he and Mayweather are both technically undefeated. Floyd has never lost a fight, and Brandon has never been in a fight to lose, so an event like this is “a dream match where anything can happen.”

Fight Brandon Scott Wolf

This isn't the first time Brandon used a personal website in order to gain attention for a specific goal.

Wolf, who is a writer for NBC's “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris,” gained some notoriety in February for his site, a one-man dating website that went viral, leading to 750 people creating accounts and a "handful" of actual meetups around New York. is presented by, so you could make the argument this new site is also geared toward getting the comedian a date: a date with destiny… OK, maybe not a date as much as a no-strings-attached hookup with Floyd Mayweather's fists.

A quick fight breakdown on the website shows just how lopsided this match could be.

Fight Brandon Scott Wolf

Wolf explained he is optimistic the fight may happen, telling Elite Daily,

We just need Mayweather to agree, the MGM Grand to play host, a broadcast deal to go through and for the fight to be sanctioned.

If Mayweather is actually interested in beating the tar out of Wolf, he can even register here, a page on the site "for Floyd 'Money' Mayweather and ONLY Floyd 'Money' Mayweather."

Whatever the Vegas odds are on this fight, I'll take them.