Coca-Cola May Be Telling Us To Pop Molly With Its New Advertisement (Photo)

It has to be difficult for Coca-Cola's marketing team to advertise for Coke, considering the drink shares a name with a drug that has vaguely similar energy-boosting effects. Emphasis on "vaguely."

Tyler Lemco of YouTube's Epic Meal Time tweeted this picture of an advertising campaign done by Coca-Cola, that pairs Coke with the popular rave drug, molly. Is this an accident or a purposeful advertisement for MDMA?

Just kidding. I'm sure it was an accident.

Obviously, everyone knows "molly" is also the name of a female -- one of many used in the new "Share A Coke" campaign. But hey, these companies have to be careful.

Besides, there are a million other female names from which to choose.

A grave oversight by the marketing department at Coca-Cola. — TYLER LEMCO (@tlemco) August 14, 2014

H/T: Happy Place