Cinco De Mayo Is NOT On Taco Tuesday And The Internet Is Filled With Lies

by Connor Toole

Even though I've worked on the Internet for way too long, I'm still constantly surprised by the number of people who basically take everything they read online as fact -- as long as it's not something that drastically undermines their worldview.

I guess I'm really just surprised so many of these people made it through their childhoods without getting into vehicles with men sporting patchy facial hair and clear-rimmed glasses who claimed to have candy and small dogs in their rusty Ford Explorers.

You only have to skim the Facebook comments on an Onion article to realize just how many people will believe the seemingly unbelievable, and it would appear there's a new threat targeting some of the Internet's most impassioned users: taco lovers.

I have taste buds, so I identify with members of the aforementioned group.

However, I know my enthusiasm pales in comparison to the more vocal and passionate fans who spend their time using too many hashtags to describe pictures of virtually indistinguishable plates of tacos on Instagram.

There are people who know just how susceptible these fanatics are to liking and sharing essentially everything to do with tacos, such as the following picture I've seen pop up on a bunch of social media sites in the past week or so:

Cinco de Mayo

If you looked at that image and instinctively screamed "YAAASSSSSSSS" at an unreasonable volume, don't be alarmed -- that is a perfectly natural reaction.

You may feel the urge to save this picture and share it with as many people as possible, doing your best to spread the word of the Gospel of Taco to ensure people have plenty of time to prepare for such a glorious occasion.

However, you might want to wait before sending this in every group text you have when you realize Cinco De Mayo actually falls on a Thursday this year.

Connor Toole

People will have more than enough time to prepare for the wondrous Cinco de Mayo Taco Tuesday... because it won't arrive until 2020.

Connor Toole

I couldn't trace the origins of this picture, but I assume someone had it saved on his or her phone after last year's Cinco de Mayo and decided to see just how gullible people on the Internet are. Based on how often I've seen it recently, the answer is "very."

Don't be part of the problem.