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Burger King's Red Burger Looks Like One Of SpongeBob's Pretty Patties (Photos)

There aren't many things the Internet loves more than judging the entire country of Japan for some of it's weirder and more obscure trends and products. For example, the unappetizingly black sandwiches Burger King released there on a limited basis the past few years.

Restaurants are slowly learning that one of the easiest ways to generate free publicity is to invent a kind of food that nobody really asked for in the first place. The result is customers at Burger Kings in Japan will soon be able to order the AKA Samurai Burger.

It's the perfect sandwich for anyone who thinks meat shouldn't be the only part of the burger that's red:

According to The Wall Street Journal, the burger -- which looks like it was designed to resemble a macaroon -- features a red bun and slice of cheese both colored with tomato powder, either chicken or beef and a miso and pepper hot sauce.

I will say I think it's kind of odd the sandwich is being marketed the way it is. "Burger King To Start Selling Bright Red Burgers" might be catchy, but I'd argue this one is better:

"You Can Now Buy Pretty Patties From 'SpongeBob' At Burger King"


Let's just hope it works out better than the green burger did.

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