British Comedian Perfectly Explains Why Tampons Shouldn't Be Taxed

About a month ago, members of the British Parliament voted against removing the so-called “tampon tax,” a highly controversial tax applied to tampons, officially classified as “non-essential, luxury” items.

The unfavorable ruling generated significant backlash from males and females alike, who rightfully don't consider tampons to be a  “luxury” item.

The latest person to address this controversy is comedian Russell Howard, who performed a genius stand-up set explaining why tampons should be tax-free.

Howard's skit included a 'menstruating Beyoncé” impression, as well as a categorical listing of some of the products unnecessarily deemed essential by the British government (and thus, are not taxed). This perplexing list includes candy apples, crocodile meat, and Bingo.

It's easily one of the funniest stand-up skits we're seen in awhile, so check it out up top.

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