Woman Asks Her Boyfriend To Buy Her Makeup, And The Results Are Hilarious

by Connor Toole

If you ever watched a sitcom on network television, you're more than aware men are bumbling idiots when it comes to dealing with any sort of feminine product -- especially when they're tasked with buying them.

The most cliche item of choice is usually tampons, but having to purchase makeup is apparently just as capable of inspiring an unholy and crippling sense of fear and confusion into normally capable guys.

The boyfriend in the following exchange posted the conversation to Imgur, and while there are certain aspects that make me doubt this exchange is authentic, I also have no doubt there are couples out there who interact like this.

I know this because I've heard people seriously refer to their significant others by the pet name at the top of each of these texts.

It's not going to be the last time. It's never the last time.

I understand some of those words.

Strap yourself in. We're about to go for a ride.

Here we see why communication is one of the major obstacles in almost every relationship.

You never know when and where hunger will strike.

It's art.

I hope she's enjoying this more than he is.

I honestly don't know what that's supposed to look like.

Next item? NEXT ITEM? Are we really going to go through all of this again?

Oh, thank God.

It was truly a comedy of errors.

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