If Your Boss Acted Like Your Instagram Feed, You Wouldn't 'Like' It (Video)

Even though it might seem like a great idea in the waning moments of happy hour, your boss following you on Instagram comes with potential downsides, and all you have to do is take a look at the pictures you don't remember uploading to realize them.

It's becoming increasingly impossible to isolate your work life from your personal one, and while many bosses are legit BFFs with their colleagues and employees, there are a few who try just a little too hard.

I have an incredible amount of sympathy for anybody who has to deal with an overbearing boss on Instagram, but I feel especially bad for anybody who has to deal with a boss who manages to be just as invasive outside of social media.

I sincerely hope nobody reading this has to deal with somebody like this, and if you do, words can't describe how sorry I am.

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