'Leo The Loser': The Best Of Leonardo DiCaprio Losing The Oscar Memes

Last night was the 86th annual Academy Awards, and the fourth time Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar but came up short.

People around the web have naturally taken notice of Leo's constant snubs, and have decided to have a bit of fun with it. While he has lost to some remarkable actors over the years, it is kind of crazy to think that Leo has never won an Oscar. He's one of our generation's favorite actors!

We decided to pilfer through the web to bring you some of the best "Leo The Loser" memes, as well as create some of our very own.

His inner monologue when he lost ...

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It seems like he'll be waiting forever to win an Oscar...

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Hopefully he doesn't get too down on himself...

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How Leo gives tours of his home...

It's easy for him to find emotional inspiration for his films...

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Give it to me!   via Twitter  Did it really happen again? His congratulations to McConaughey after the big win  His first tweet after losing...  Who hasn't heard of Leo?

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 Keep on searching!

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 The official Leo break down

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Is Leo the Gretchen Wieners of the Oscars?

Is he becoming addicted to losing?

Not only did he lose, but he didn't make the cut for the most retweeted photo either

He just wants it so bad...

Keep crawling towards it!

Imagine how happy he'll be if he eventually wins one...

But don't worry, he's not really mad!

There's always next year, Leo!

For more Leo fun, watch his play-by-play reaction to finding out he lost.