Guy Asks A Fellow Bro For Nude Photo To Impress Girl

What is the definition of a true bro?

It's not only someone who is willing to send you nude photos to impress a girl, but one who also won't ask any questions, apparently.

I found out something about myself today: I will never be a true bro.

While straightforward, this image leaves us with more questions than answers.

First, what kind of person promises to buy someone they've never met a PS4 in exchange for a nude photo? An eccentric thousandaire? If a woman is willing to throw away that kind of money on a stranger, where is she and why am I not catfishing her?

Second, how badly would a man want a PS4 that he would be willing to text a perfect stranger (see: "Do I know know you?") for nudes with only the thinly veiled reasoning of "no homo?"

By this definition of "no homo," you could literally say it before you kiss a member of your own gender in front of everyone you know and love at your totally not gay wedding.

Third, "catfished a bitch" leaves us with a plethora of questions. This man obviously cares about this woman enough to create an elaborate ruse to seduce her, yet he refers to her as a "bitch." Unless, of course, he is just using her for money, but how would he know she had money, enough money to buy him said PS4 if they do not know each other in real life?

Is he just using the term "bitch" to sound more butch, so as not to scare away the other male from sending him nudes?

Final question, why would the receiver of these messages not second-guess this guy's true purpose? You just send out nudes willy-nilly like that?  Like you just shooting out nudies to anyone who asks?

Are you like Oprah over there with your nudes? YOU get a nude! And YOU get a nude! And YOU get a nude! Every. Body. Gets. A. NUDE!