The 17 Ways To Become Rich And Famous Without Having Any Talent

by Lauren Martin

It's a tough world out there and getting recognized can take years or never happen at all. Millions of talented young people spend years trying to make it big with little or nothing to show for it. However, some people seem to get famous over night with seemingly no talent whatsoever.

It actually seems that the less talent you have, the more fame you get these days.

The faces we see plastered all over the tabloids are people who don't actually do anything. They are "personalities," "socialites" and "entertainers" who do nothing but embarrass themselves until we can't forget their names.

With that being said, we have studied the tactics many have taken to achieve their fame and compiled a list of the most successful ways. Basically, you need to do everything your parents ever told you not to do. So here's a list of all the ways you can get famous without having any talent at all.

Make A Sex Tape

This is a foolproof method to getting some attention, even if it means you're a hoe. All the greats have done it, from Kim K to Paris Hilton.

 Have A Kid At 16

Early pregnancy could land you a spot on "16 & Pregnant" or "Teen Mom," and that's a sure fire way to get some camera time.

Kill Someone (We Don't Advise This Option)

Just look at all the attention these murderers got. Casey Anthony, OJ, Amanda Knox...

Get Kidnapped

You may have to live with some creepy religious folk in their bomb shelter for a few years, but if you're ever found, you will be a star!

Have 8 Kids At One Time

No one can resist an octamom, so if you can't get famous, just get pregnant.

 Marry A Really Old Rich Man

Everyone loves a horny gold digger. Have Sex With Tiger Woods

If you don't talk about it on camera, you can write a book about it.

Make A Horrible Viral Video

Make a horrible song with no lyrical integrity but a catchy beat, and you may get to meet Justin Bieber one day!

Get Horrible Plastic Surgery

Everyone loves talking about horrible surgeries, so try and get the most surgeries as possible.

Be A Ratchet Hoe

Everyone loves a crazy b*tch, just ask Flavor Flav.

Knock Up Britney Spears

Nothing will get you more attention than getting a teen idol knocked up. Be A Huge Tool

The bigger the tool, the more attention you'll get.

Smash As Many B*tches At The Jersey Shore As Possible

Just be a crazy guido and MTV will find you.


If you really can't think of anything to do, there's always a good DJ spot.

Have Rich Parents

The most foolproof plan of them all - just go out and embarrass the family name as much as possible.

Get Shot 9 Times

You will be the most famous person in Africa.

Tweet About How Intoxicated You Are

If you blow a .341 and live to tell the tale, you deserve some attention. Way to go Vodka_Samm!

Top photo credit: WENN