People Are Apparently Throwing Things Into Their Bathtubs For A Meme


I like to thank the Internet for helping me never lose my sense of wonder, because I know every time I go online there's a pretty good chance I'll come across something that makes me stare at my screen for a few seconds before asking, "Why?"

The most recent installment in a long line of baffling Internet trends revolves around Lush Bath Bombs, which are apparently fizzy, aromatic balls that make bath time more exciting and not weapons used by the makers of bootleg gin to fight government agents during Prohibition (as I had previously assumed).

According to someone who's spent more time researching this topic than I have, Bath Bomb videos like the one above started to pop up online a couple of years ago and, as is the case with virtually every trend, it was only a matter of time until people started making fun of them.

Since then, people have been making their own videos where they proclaim their love for Bath Bombs before tossing something that clearly isn't a Bath Bomb into a tub.

If comedy is based on the unexpected, then this is humor in its purest form.

While it seems these videos first hit the scene in 2014, it would appear the trend is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Feel free to try to figure out why as you watch these.

The solitary bag of LAY'S makes me think this is somehow art.

Oh, "Water"melon. I get it.

It's so meta.

That's an unconventional way to water something.

I know it's possible to use a bathtub as a bed, but I don't think this is the way to do it.

Pack it up, folks. We're done here.

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