Woman Accidentally Sends Nude Snapchat To Her Boss Instead Of Her BF (Photos)

by Connor Toole

There was a point in time during my younger days, back when I was filled with equal parts optimism and naiveté, when I simply assumed any story online was true.

However, as I matured and learned a bit about deception myself, I reached a point where I assumed everything I read on the Internet was made up.

If Wikipedia can lie to me, why should I trust the word of a nameless person?

I found these pictures today from sources claiming the messages were from an exchange between a woman and her boss. The woman reportedly intended to send her message to her boyfriend, but her boss received it instead.

That's a pretty nice narrative, and I don't have any proof it isn't true, so let's just roll with that.

I'm not sure I should even have to give you a reason to never add your boss on Snapchat...


...but this is a pretty good one.


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