These HS Athletes Did The Prom Pose In Their Uniforms And It's Amazing

When you play a team sport competitively, you will inevitably form a unique bond with your teammates.

You can't really understand unless you experienced the bond yourself (unless you're a hockey goalie, because hockey goalies are not normal people).

Athletes tend to show their appreciation for their fellow players in ways that probably wouldn't fare so well in other environments because slapping your coworker's ass to congratulate him or her on a job well done is normally frowned upon by most human resource departments.

However, last spring, a couple of high school baseball players decided to show their appreciation for each other by pulling out a very special pose in a few pictures they took together.

You may recognize the pose from every prom picture ever taken.


Things only escalated from there.

Don't tell me what to do, mom. — Ryan Thomas (@RyanGillispie14) May 4, 2015

When the two had the chance to pose for a team photo, they realized they had a magical opportunity.


They certainly seized it.


The Fresh Prince was right. Parents just don't understand.


The original photo hit the Internet in May, but the duo's legacy lives on through others.