10 Gross Struggles Only People With Allergies Understand

“Spring has sprung!” they said. “It's going to be so much fun!” they said.

Well, spring-enthusiasts, it's all fun and games until one morning you wake up with your eyes boogered shut and your nose as clogged as Chewbacca's shower drain.

If they were capable of taking on a human form, I picture seasonal allergies looking like a pale, weak Gilbert Gottfried with double pink eye and a poorly contoured face of makeup.

If you know what I'm talking about, you're welcome for the imagery. If you don't, well, you are just super blessed not to be stricken with the truest form of spring fever.

From this point forward, I'm talking exclusively to my snot-ridden, watery-eyed, congested brothers and sisters. I'm here to let you know you aren't alone when it comes to suffering from your spring allergies.

I, being an English major with zero medical knowledge, can't offer you anything more than these relatable GIFs and memes to ease your pain. But we all need to help each other out any way we can; this is my gift to you.

Check out the pics below and think “OMG, that's sooooo me” to yourself as you try not to sneeze all over your screen.

When you wake up and your eyes are so itchy they feel like they're burning through your skull.

Summit Entertainment

When you finally drag yourself out of bed and look in the mirror.


When you walk into work after passing blooming trees on your commute.


When you try to hold in a sneeze so as not to disturb/gross out the people around you.


When it's not even worth trying to hold it in anymore and you just GO FOR IT.


When you blow your nose like a trumpet player and get this look from your co-workers.


When your friends invite you to an outdoor activity.

Warner Bros.

When you blow your nose and can't help but look... just a little.


When your nose is an endless fountain of snot and you JUST. WANT. IT. TO. END.


When it's finally July, but you realize you never got your summer body in shape because you couldn't run outside without having your head explode from freaking plant sperm.