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Aliens Went To California For The Same Reason We All Go: Good Weed (Photos)

By now, you've probably heard about what came creeping into the California sky over the weekend -- that's right, motherf*cking aliens.

But before we all start freaking out, let's assess this situation correctly and not get too ahead of ourselves.

Firstly, those are fo sho some aliens and any government official trying to tell you otherwise is a damn liar.

Secondly, they're not here to take all of our resources like water or bad bitches.

Instead, they visited Cali for the same reason we all do: to cop some fire weed.

Sure this was a scary scene for some, but new footage shows these aliens are just as turnt up as we are.

In all reality, these little dudes are just looking for some loud.

Because if you didn't know, after humans, aliens smoke the most weed of any species in the universe.

Experts have concluded aliens are, indeed, stoners.

No, seriously, they're just like us when it comes to that sh*t.

In fact, potential studies show they might even get higher off THC than we do.

But hey, we've all been there at least once, right?

Aliens do be looking extra crazy when they're baked, though.

Like bruh, we can tell you're really not good right now.


They're just like other weed smokers who get their feelings hurt when they're not a part of the cyphe.

And let's not all forget who the first intellectual stoner was!

But Yoda actually needed this sh*t for his speech impediment. True story.

Not all stoner aliens are lazy asses, though.

They're up to date when it comes to our country's politics.

And, of course, aliens listen to Future while they smoke.

Anyone who tries to say those aren't aliens must not know how smart this generation is.