These 90s Kids Have Absolutely No Idea How To Dance The 'Macarena'

Now that the folks at Distractify exposed the true meaning of the "Macarena" to listeners who have been hearing but not listening for the past 21 years, it’s time to chill the f*ck out and dance.

What’s that? No one can remember the moves? SHAME.

Perhaps everyone should have paid better attention at the weddings and bar mitzvahs of yore.

One weirdo claims he has never danced the "Macarena" in public, but he does reveal,

I used to dance to it, maybe, in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, decades of bathroom arm dancing still couldn’t help anyone recall the splendor of Los del Río’s 90s dance craze in precise detail.

To the participants’ credits, it is impossible to tell at what point in the song it’s appropriate to begin dancing.

After all, if you can’t match your hip-swivel-jump-turn with “Heyyy, Macarena, AIGHT,” then there’s no point in showing up to the party.