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7 Ways To Get A Kick Out Of April Fools' Day This Year

It's that magical time of year again: spring. With spring comes the greatest holiday of them all, April Fools' Day.

I personally think every day should be April Fools' Day, and sometimes I act like it is.

It's the one day of the year when it's acceptable to trick, prank and make a fool of your loved ones and they technically can't get mad at you because it's tradition.

You have full immunity. It's the law, look it up.

Yeah, there are those old classics of changing the clocks, putting plastic wrap on the toilet seat, or your daily prank of fake throwing the ball to your dog. But let's leave poor Sparky alone and play some real mind games this year.

Here are seven of the best pranks to play this April Fools' Day:

1. Tell people you're voting for Donald Trump.

If you by chance have been living under a rock recently, here's an update: It's an election year. Yes the floppy haired creator of NBC's “Celebrity Apprentice” is close to becoming the president of the United States of America. So this April Fools', tell your most liberal friends he's won you over and you're ready to make America great again.

The best part about this will be watching their reactions; they may even rush you to the hospital thinking you've severely damaged your head. But the worst-case scenario is that you may find some secret Trump supporters who have been waiting for a confidant. Before they yell anything racist, you should shout “April Fools'!” and run far away.

2. Trick your Facebook friends into thinking it's your birthday.

This prank is cheap and easy; just change your birthdate on Facebook. You'll get some delightful messages and maybe even some free presents. There will be no real harm done.

The best part about this will be finding out who your true friends are. You can watch your close friends or whoever you're dating squirm when they think they forgot your birthday. Before they feel too guilty and make up lies that your expensive, rare and thoughtful birthday gift is in the mail, let them know they were straight up April fooled.

3. Change the color of your roommate's teeth.

All you need for this trick is some food coloring and access to someone's toothbrush. Pour some drops on the brush and voilà. Red would get the most horrified reaction, making your roommate think he or she gained Hulk-like strength overnight and unknowingly brushed so hard to start bleeding.

However, any color will do. The trick is to blend it in with the bristles. Hopefully it'll be too early for your roommate to notice anything different about the toothbrush, but not too early for your roommate to not look in the mirror before he or she heads to work. Also, if your roommate steps out of the bathroom free and clear, it's time to have a chat about oral hygiene.

4. Tell your parents you're moving back home.

Wait for your parents' reaction when you tell them you ran out of money and you only need to stay with them for a few years or so until you get back on your feet.

Dear old Mom and Dad are always saying how much they miss you, but let's put it to the test. But before they start cleaning out the basement (because your old room is likely a gym or home office by now), remind them of the date, ya fools.

5. Tell your roommate you were robbed.

Hide all of his or her things and say “Whoopsies!” you left the door unlocked and somehow the robbers left your things completely untouched. Watch your roommate have a complete meltdown. But make sure to yell “April Fools!” before 911 is dialed and the cops show up.

6. Tell your landlord you can't pay rent.

It's the first of the month, so use it to your advantage. If your landlord is anything like mine, he's a pretty serious guy and keeps raising the rent. So, lighten the mood a little. Before you get evicted, promptly hand him or her the check and say it will never happen again.

7. Tell your boss you're sick.

April Fools' Day lands on a Friday this year, and who couldn't use a day off as well as a long weekend? You woke up with a migraine, you got a cold, you have uncontrollable diarrhea — whatever your excuse is — you should enjoy your April Fools' Day this year with the ultimate prank that has the biggest reward.

As for telling the office about this one, let's not and say we did. Plus, this will leave you with more time to torture your loved ones, lightheartedly of course. Enjoy, and watch your backs.