The 25 Different Types Of Selfies Every Guy Takes

Ah, the selfie. A photo that has single-handedly taken over our lives for the past few years as technology continues to advance. All of the credit goes to women (and Instagram).

They made the selfie what it is today. But lately, guys have been taking part in the art of perfecting the selfie, and now, the Internet is flooded with both genders shamelessly making duck faces and flaunting single dollar bills at the their eight-megapixel smartphone cameras.

We're all guilty. Below are the 25 different types of selfies guys take, and if you're a guy, there's a high chance you're guilty of a lot of these!

Post-Workout Selfie

"I'm High As Sh*t" Selfie

"The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now" Selfie

"I Get Groupies" Selfie

"I Only Fly Private" Selfie

Male Duck Face Selfie

"I Actually Have Friends" Selfie

Justin Bieber Selfie

"All I Do Is Play Video Games" Selfie

"I'm At The Game" Selfie

"This Is Actually My Friend's Ferrari" Selfie

"I Can Hold My Liquor" Selfie

"I Met T-Pain" Selfie

Stripper Money Selfie

"I'm In Miami, Bitch" Selfie

Bape Hoodie Selfie

EDM Show Selfie

"Wiz Khalifa, Is That You?" Selfie

Mr. "Look At My Watch" Selfie

The Grown-Up Bro Selfie

Don Draper Selfie

Strip Club Bathroom Selfie

Tailgating Selfie

One-Night Stand Selfie

Photos Courtesy of Instagram