2-Year-Old Hears Rage Against The Machine And Literally Can't Even (Video)

You will not find a more raw example of someone loving to rock.

This video of a 2-year-old rocking out to “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine is perfect for two reasons.

First off, this kid JUST found out about rock music and already enjoys it more than any of us enjoy anything else.

It’s like John Bonham was reincarnated in the body of a child playing Guitar Hero.

Secondly, he clearly does NOT care about hitting the right buttons -- the only real way to jam out to Rage Against the Machine.

Am I wrong in thinking the less right buttons you hit while playing a Rage song, the better your score should be? Do you think Zack de la Rocha intended for his songs to be played with the right buttons?

You're supposed to scale the walls of the VMA stage and try to bring the set decorations down. You're not supposed to hit the buttons when a machine tells you to!

RAGE against the machine, don't follow it.

We should all be hitting the wrong buttons to fight the man.

This kid gets that.