15 Reasons You Shouldn't Trust People Who Don't Smoke Weed

As we get older, the expression "choose your friends wisely" becomes all too relevant. It becomes very easy to get caught up with the wrong crowd of people. As you enter college or the real world, it becomes extremely important to make the right type of friends. And there is a certain type of person you should never trust: the guy who doesn't smoke.

The crowd of kids who don't smoke is the one you don't wanna involve yourself in. These people are close minded, arrogant and never down to chill. They are the opposite of what you are looking for in a good friend. Because anyone cool has tried it at least once.

They will judge you for your drug related decisions and make you feel weird about lighting up. They will never be there with a lighter or extra papers. They just all around suck. So as you start making new friends, here are the ten reasons you shouldn't trust people who have never smoked.

You Can't Trust Their Taste In Music

They Don't Understand It

They're Probably Narcs

They Don't Know How To Chill

They Don't Have Deep Thoughts

They Stress About The Unnecessary

They Can't Enjoy The Silence

They Don't Like The Smell

They Judge

They Aren't Open To Experimentation

They Are Close-Minded

They Won't Go To Grateful Dead Concerts With You

They Don't Get Munchies

They Believe Stigmas

They Will Take You Places That Aren't Conducive To Being High

Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr