12 Photos People Who Are Super Lazy On Sundays Will Understand

by Gillian Fuller

There are two kinds of people in this world: The people who do shit on Sundays, and the people who don’t.

I am proudly of the latter category: If my Sundays are spent doing anything besides watching Netflix and stuffing my face, I feel like I’ve failed myself.

Sure, it’s a little lazy, but so what? Sundays are a socially-accepted day of rest.

If you’re like me and you make the best of your days off (and by “make the best” I mean “do the absolute least”) then the photos below will speak to your lazy, couch-lovin’ soul.

Here’s to Netflix, Seamless, and a whole lot of nothing.

When you channel your inner G:

When food is literally your only motivation:

When you’d really rather not:

When you’re productive:

When you decide the dishes can wait:

When you’ve found your new spirit animal in Bette Midler:

When you’re lying:

When Netflix-shaming reaches new heights:

When you decide to work out:

When Coachella was so last year:

When you cross off everything on your to-do list:

And when you literally have no more f*cks to give: