In The Public Eye: The 11 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Smoking Weed Outside

In a perfect world, you would always get to toke up in the warmth of your bedroom or sick basement. You would be surrounded by food, blankets, television and maybe a record player. There would a vaporizer in the corner and the sweet smell of homemade brownies wafting in from the kitchen.

But life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Whether you're stuck in your dorm room, living with your parents, or trying to get your smoke on during work, the inevitable truth is, you must learn to smoke outside. It's a cold and scary world out there and you don't realize how much you truly appreciate your college living room or ventilated attic until the sad day comes.

Finding perfect outdoor spots can be as hard as finding a mate. From playgrounds to alleyways, it's all a gamble. Every stoner knows that life just gets a little worse when you're outside. So from undercover cops, to the freezing cold, here are the GIFS that perfectly describe smoking weed outside.

When A Ford Crown Victoria Drives By

Whoever buys that car and isn't an undercover cop deserves to get shot.

When You Pass A Cop

Turn around, now.

When Someone Smells It

Yea, lady, it's weed. Don't act like you've never smelt it before.

 When A Cop Asks What's In Your Hand

It's a rhetorical question; they already know.

When A Cop Asks To Search You

Clench those butt cheeks tight.

When It's Freezing

It may be worth it in the end, but it really is the worst.

When Someone Has A Car

So long, suckers.

When You're In A Park

Why are there always so many kids?

When It's Too Windy To Light It

Is there anything worse than a blunt with no light?

When You Run Into A Friend Who Asks To Join

There's a reason we didn't invite you.

When Someone Asks Where You're Going

Just don't respond because when you're high you won't remember your lie.

Top Photo Courtesy of Tumblr