10 Reasons Why Eddie Murphy Was Definitely Stoned When He Made 'Coming To America'

by Julian Sonny

In case you haven't heard, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are currently discussing a potential sequel to one of the most classic and legendary films of all time -- "Coming To America." Yes!!!

But before we get too excited, let's not get carried away and just assume that this is actually going to happen. It's just a rumor at this point and a lot can change, especially considering that Eddie Murphy hasn't made a good movie since, probably, "The Nutty Professor." Sorry, dog.

Still, there's no denying that "Coming To America" was one of his most masterful performances ever as Prince Akeem was just not like many other characters in films at the time.

In fact if you look closely, you can clearly see that there was some heavy stoner influence within the movie. It was, after all, the 80s and there's no doubt that weed (among other things) was a big part of the production process and inspired many scenes.

Don't believe us and just think we're too high? These are the 10 reasons why Eddie Murphy was definitely stoned when he made "Coming To America":

The wake up scene is every stoner's dream

From the live symphony playing in the background, to his perfectly placed sandals as he gets off his bed, it's almost like this is a stoner dream sequence in which your minions lead you to the royal bong. You know, to smoke the royal weed!

He was too lazy to bathe himself

Bathing yourself may seem like a pretty basic human function, but let's be honest, no one's trying to actually do it. Have you ever been bathed on a table by a middle-aged Asian woman? Well, it's pretty damn great and soothing for any stoner who's trying to get ready. Eddie Murphy had two beautiful women in this famous scene that only a few of us have ever been able to achieve.

They randomly chose to stay in Queens

Only a true stoner would take such a monumental decision and treat it like it's nothing. Eddie and Arsenio probably smoked a blunt before doing their search and used their natural intuition to make an educated choice. Right?

Semmi was always paranoid

Arsenio Hall's character, Semmi, always seemed a little paranoid and uptight. That's just because he was baked as sh*t. Still, you always need one friend who's going to be on the lookout for cops... or the royal family trying to take you back home.

And Eddie Murphy was always overly-nice

Eddie Murphy's character, Prince Akeem, always just seemed so laid back. Sure many people might think it's because he comes from so much wealth and was just trying to appreciate new things, but no. He was just stoned, zooted and baked. He couldn't be mean even if he tried.

Prince Akeem knows how to keep calm and talk it out

A perfect example of his easy-going nature was in the infamous robbery scene when Sam Jackson busted in with a shotgun. Only a real stoned assh*le would have the incoherent balls to stand up, try to talk it out then make a move to save the day. Once again, a stoner dream sequence in which everything plays out perfectly just like it did in your head.

He was feeling the low key stoner chick

Prince Akeem was never into the party girls or ratchets. Instead, he was more about the low key bookworm chick who clearly smoked hella bud. He just wants to kick it and blaze! Lisa McDowell was a huge stoner chick. They're perfect for each other!

Only someone who's high would talk like this about soup

The fact that Eddie Murphy played like five different guys (including an old Jew) in the barber shop scenes speaks to the potency of trees they were smoking on set. You don't just have wild conversations in different voices when you're sober.

This was pretty much the stoner anthem of the 80s

A classic.