Filled with first date ideas, real-life dating advice, and so much more, Elite Daily's 50 First Dates series makes the words "bad first date" impossible.

50 Actually Cool First Date Ideas That Aren't Drinks At A Bar For the 7th Time

ByTheresa Massony
How many times have you chatted with a seemingly decent person on a dating app (finally), decided to meet up with them instead of watching your 18th consecutive episode of Law & Order: SVU, only to meet up for drinks at a crowded bar where you can't…

How To Know Your Date Likes You, According To 'Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness — EXCLUSIVE

ByTheresa Massony
Nothing like a first date to make you swirl into a cycle of extreme anxiety and questioning everything you've ever known to be true about yourself, amirite? Even on first dates that seemed to have gone extremely well on paper, I've found myself…

A Body Language Expert Analyzed My Selfies From A First Date & This Is What She Found

ByElana Rubin
When I feel nervous on dates, I have a habit of fiddling with my hair or rearranging my arms. I don't mean to do it; I'm just excited about where the date will lead and worried about falling into a string of awkward silences. After my most recent…