Visit The Shanghai Botanical Garden In China


Shanghai Botanical Garden is the biggest municipal botanical garden in China. It has a large collection of thousands of plants, including some rare species. Plants either from home or abroad are nurtured here.

First named Longhua Nursery Garden in 1954, it turned into Shanghai Botanical Garden in 1974 and finally opened to the public in April, 1978. Now the garden has an area of 81.86 hectares (about 202 acres). After decades of construction, it has become a comprehensive base combining plants research, production, tourism and nature science education and has won many prizes in international flower shows.

Shanghai Botanical Garden will bestow a fresh and sweet memory on your trip to shanghai by its thousands of plants and enchanting flowers. Every season, a majority of flowers show their beauty and charm in a competing way.

Spring is the most beautiful time during the whole year. Big flower shows are often held. You will be enchanted by a mass of flowers for their colors, fragrances and shapes. Cherry, Peach, Plum, Begonia, Bauhinia are in their full blossom in the Rose Garden. In the Peony Garden, the graceful and fascinating national flowers of China are showing their fineness. 5,000 azaleas of different species are throwing off a pleasant aroma in the Azalea Garden. Magnolias of various colors are a feast to your eyes in the Magnolias.

Shanghai Botanical Garden, China

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