Private Islands Owned by Billionaires

by Robert Anthony

Necker Island (owned by Richard Branson):

If anyone wants to partake in the luxury of one of the most celebrated island resorts of the world, Necker Island is the place for them. Multi-preneur and Virgin boss, Richard Branson bought it for a paltry 180,000 pounds back in 1978. It took him 3 years and a capital of $10 million to turn the previously uninhabited island into a haven for luxury scavengers and privacy fanatics.

New Holland Island (owned by Roman Abramovich)

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich spent $400 million on buying New Holland Island, a collapsing ex-military base in a St. Petersburg canal. He intends to transform the island into a cultural center.  The bid to run the island was won by Abramovich and is the latest of Abramovich's lavish spending sprees. The newly formed company will now invite architects to bid for the contract to transform the 18-acre island, which will take about six years to complete. New Holland island was created in the 18th century through the construction of two canals and gains it name from its resemblance to areas of Amsterdam.

Skorpios Island (owned by Giorgio Armani)

Giorgio Armani bought one of the most beautiful islands, the Skorpios for $190 million. It is reported heavyweights such as Roman Abramovich, Bill Gates and Madonna were also in the race to get their hands on this piece of land but Armani beat them all. Located in the Ionian Sea, off the western coast of Greece, Skorpios was the shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and was the site of his marriage. The island also has a lavish property known as the Pink House which includes tennis courts and picturesque gardens. It was sold to Armani by Onassis's granddaughter Athina Onassis Roussel.

Musha Cay Island (owned by David Copperfield)

Musha Cay is widely regarded as the globe’s most exclusive and luxurious private retreat. With its over 150 acres of white sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise water and a unspoiled environment, the island is truly a magical influence over its visitors. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the island is owned by the greatest magician and illusionist of our times, David Copperfield.

James Island (owned by Craig Mccaw)

Craig Mccaw, the wireless pioneer bought this 342-hectare island for $19 million in 1994. He recently has got permissions for real estate development that includes 80 dwellings, 5,000 square feet of retail and 35,000 square feet of commercial space. However, Mccraw has made sure that such massive urbanization of the land does not deride it from its existing natural value. He has in place a strict environmental regime under which complete organic farming is the first priority. Further, all the power lines are underground and electric cars and golf carts are used for transportation. Craig has dug deep in his pockets to ensure that the island is one of the most developed but not at the cost of surrounding environment.

Rooster Cay (owned by Eddie Murphy)

Funnyman Eddie Murphy is known for his various talents behind the camera, and is one of the highest paid stars around. Purchased in 2007, this island cost the actor $15 million, for its prime location and proximity to the city of Nassau in the Bahamas. Though not much is known about this island, but many say it’s ideal for resort development and recreation like its neighboring island Paradise, known for its vacationing facilities. Murphy isn’t new to the island buyer’s club, however, as he previously owned another Bahamian cay called Pearl, a tiny speck with a lighthouse that was right next to Paradise Island

Mago Island (owned by Mel Gibson)

Apart form his huge mansions, Gibson is also a proud owner of 5400-acre private island which he purchased from a Japanese company in 2005,the island does not have many people residing on it except for the caretakers of his property.The island is known to be one of the largest private islands in the Pacific.

Moskito Island (owned by Richard Branson)

Branson paid $10 million for Moskito in 2007 and is aiming to turn it into "the most ecologically friendly" island in the world. The 120 acre island is located in the North Sound just off shore from Anguilla Point, Virgin Gorda. it is one of densest rain forest of region and is famous for its Eco diversity. Branson has plan to develop this island as showcase of biodiversity and raise colony of few exotic species on that island.

The World (owned by Michael Schumacher)

Schumi is a owner of a piece of the man-made island paradise 'The World', located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. This $7 million worth of piece of land is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum parting gift to Schumacher after his last Grand Prix in Brazil. Schumacher's island is believed to be a part of 'Antarctica' on the artificial globe. Schumacher's manager Willi Weber confirmed: "In a couple of years it will be finished. Then Michael and Corinna will have their own holiday island! The World' is 300 islands clustered together in a nine kilometre zone to resemble Earth from an aerial photo.

Little Halls Pond Cay (owned by Johnny Depp)

Johnny Depp, like his mentor and  “The Godfather” of Hollywood, Marlon Brando owns a 45-acre tropical paradise called Little Hall’s Pond Cay that he bought in 2004. The bohemian actor did not think twice before dishing out $3.6 million to buy himself this idyllic stretch of sand which is by all means, his favorite holiday destinations and his foremost priority whenever he wish to spend a leisure time with his loved ones. This is what he had to say about the tropical piece of land, “Whenever I was getting frustrated about being ‘novelty boy’ and making movies, I told myself, Calm down. I can come down here and disappear. I spent the Christmas season here with Vanessa and the kids”.