Luxury Car Rental - Living the Dream

The sight and sound of a rare exotic car is enough to make most of us weak at the knees, but for some, the dream of driving a luxury car can become a lifetime’s goal.

Whilst driving through Italy earlier this summer, I was reminded of Adam, an old friend.  With a childhood fascination with all things Ferrari and a full encyclopaedic knowledge of Ferrari’s F1 history, all he ever dreamed about is getting behind the wheel of one of those fabulous machines and the ultimate experience of driving a Ferrari in Italy.

But for an ordinary hard working family guy like Adam, making the pilgrimage to Maranello, Modena in Italy’s ‘motor valley’ seemed an impossible dream.

But hiring a luxury car is not the extravagance as it once was, and as Adam recently discovered, it is a great way to fulfil a lifelong ambition.  Whilst luxury car ownership may be beyond the reach of many enthusiasts, the luxury rental market has grown in popularity in recent years, and with demand increasing beyond the traditional rich and famous clients, rental prices have become much more affordable.

Thus Adam spent a truly unforgettable experience behind the wheel of a Ferrari 599 GTB, marking his 40th birthday in style. Collecting his Ferrari in Milan, he spent a day in Maranello, before driving east along the coast of the Italian Riviera on the Via Aurelia, staying at the glamorous resort of Portofino.

As specialist luxury rental companies often have access to very rare limited production exotic cars, for many enthusiasts it represents a once in a lifetime chance to drive their dream car. Others wish to mark a special event or just want to be seen behind the wheel of a luxurious supercar.

Businesses find the prestige that a luxury car offers is beneficial when entertaining new clients, bringing comfort and style to business travel.  Fortunately luxury car rental is a very discreet affair, so drivers are unlikely to hire a Porsche, only to find it is plastered with company logos and window stickers.

Whether you rent a luxury car in Italy or any international destination, it is important that you choose the right luxury car rental company.  Unlike regular car rental, the luxury driving experience is as much about the car as it is the destination and drivers often have specific requirements regarding the car they wish to drive, down to the model, year and colour.

Clients should expect a company to deliver a highly personalised service and demonstrate expertise, knowledge and flexibility to ensure clients’ needs are satisfied, enabling dreams to become reality.

Clare Haward is a writer for Europe Luxury Car Hire, Europe’s largest luxury car rental company.