Fly to the Next Super Bowl on a Private Jet

Ready to enjoy the attention of the crowds NFL style? For the next Super Bowl XLVI game, live the good life and feel like a NFL player by going to the game by private jet. Magellan Jets has offered to give any luxury addict the opportunity to charter a plane to the very next Super Bowl event in New Orleans on February 3rd, 2013!

Magellan Jets will take you there from anywhere in the world, and they will also offer you in-flight catering so that and your best friends or family can have a great time on your way to the big game.

The company will also provide ground transportation, meaning that your luxury experience will continue even after you get off the mid-size light airplane. If you want more details on their offer, just visit the company’s website and prepare yourself for a really great Super Bowl experience. Hopefully one of your favorite teams is playing.