Apeiron Hotel, Dubai

This is Dubai’s US $350 million project, it’s the hi-tech and futuristic 7 star Apeiron Island Hotel. This is one of the most impressive futuristic luxury hotels I have ever seen, I am not sure how much it will end up costing to stay their but do not expect cheap in the price.

The Dubai Apeiron island hotel is designed by Sybarite Architects and will feature an underwater restaurant, an art gallery, a spa, 438 suites and 28 floors.

The Apeiron Island will be 300m from the coast of Dubai and the top two floors of the hotel will even feature a temperature-controlled butterfly jungle with tropical species - talk about luxury travel.

Underneath the water there will be a restaurant surrounded by underwater life. There will also be an underwater lagoon for guests to appreciate the coral and fish anytime they like. Above ground this Dubai 7 star hotel will feature a jungle theme with lush plants and extravagant features.

The Apeiron Hotel will be just as spectacular as the Burj Al Arab (also in Dubai). This new mega structure will be built on a man made island 300-500 meters off shore. It will be accessible by boat or helicopter for a more extravagant entrance.

The main structure stands at 200 meters high. There will be a lush butterfly jungle garden at the top, on the 28th floor, which will be temperature controlled. This is part of the dream of the creators, who wish to combine the beauty of nature with the most futuristic architecture.

There will be many amazing features such as the raised helipad, lagoons and large parking area for guests’ boats. There will be all the usual amenities expected in a development of this magnitude such as luxury boutiques, nightclubs, high end restaurants, cinemas and conference rooms.

As you can see from the photograph, the Aperion promises to be the most advanced and futuristic project ever created.

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