$100,000 World Tour for China's Luxury Travelers

China’s booming economy is minting millionaires, and Chinese are developing a growing appetite for luxury travels and for spending their money.

Ctrip, China’s travel agency conglomerate masterminded a magnificent 66-days global trip for these millionaires. An exclusive $104,654 getaway package was developed; covering both poles and more than a dozen countries that will provide an ultimate travel experience to 11 globe-trotters.

Reportedly, after the trip reservation went online in June last year, Chinese millionaires sprint like Olympic championship to join this lavish global tour that got sold in just 13 seconds, roughly the time Olympic champion hurdler Liu Xiang takes to complete 110 meters race.

It’s been reported that Chinese tourists wants varied and enriched experiences of traveling abroad.This is the second around-the-world tour by the Shanghai-based company. Earlier they had put together a similar luxury tour in 2010, which lasted 50 days and cost $95,140.

Considering this, Ctrip is now planning to double the headcount for its 2013 around the world tour, for which the applications will open in March.