Met Gala
Kim Kardashian wearing a cardigan with her gown at the 2024 Met Gala.

The Reason Behind Kim K's Met Gala Cardigan Is Not What You Think

The gray sweater got fans’ attention.

Matt Crossick - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian’s look for the Met Gala on May 6 had one surprising detail. The reality star, who wore a Maison Margiela dress by John Galliano, paired her gown with a surprisingly casual accessory: a little gray cardigan that was pilling.

Fans were sure Kardashian must have had a wardrobe malfunction, guessing that she used the cardigan to cover up whatever might have gone wrong with her dress. “I have GOT to know the story behind Kim’s dress malfunction. This cardigan is nonsense,” one fan tweeted.

Another wrote on X, “I wanna know what malfunction Kim K had with her dress bc why is she wearing that gray sweater cardigan and covering up that one side specifically.” (Kardashian did seem to keep the sweater draped specifically over her left shoulder the entire time.)

But Kardashian had a different explanation for her choice of sweater — one that had nothing to do with any clothing mishaps. Explaining the backstory of her Met Gala look, Kardashian told Vogue, “This is like… the wildest night of my life in a garden, and I just ran out and grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater, threw it on, and had to get to work. My hair’s all messed up.”

Matt Crossick - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Still, fans weren’t quite sure if they believed her explanation. Under Vogue’s video, featuring Kardashian’s explanation, one fan theorized, “I bet she had the sweater because it wouldn’t zip, or a wardrobe malfunction! Something is up.” Another commented, “This says my dress broke so I'm hiding it with this sweater.”

However, other Kardashian fans came to her — and her cardigan’s — defense. “no no no let her cook,” one fan proposed on X. “margiela threw a ratty pilling old cardigan on top of hyper glamour for that juxtaposition of an aged garment and that’s how we relate to time. genuinely brings the whole look together & MAKES it special. kim is always smart with it. i get it. she gets it!”

Maison Margiela also offered up a description of the sweater choice, describing it as “a pale grey thistle-washed boiled cashmere cardigan brushed to achieve a swan’s-down texture worn in a déshabillé gesture” on Instagram.